Seconds, minutes, hours, one day… maybe two. How about years? Every each one of them is felt different, by each of us. Every each one of them has different meanings to us, me or you. It passes through us like a huge spider web, holding us all together because we are all connected to time. We are all irrevocable connected to each other.

One day… time stopped. I felt it breathing in my face, I heard my heard pounding like the wings of a bird pushing up… against gravity. Then time let go, and I took a breath. I was suddenly feeling my body everywhere. Wondering what lies ahead of time, I realized that it doesn’t even matter. Because no matter how much our way of wanting things doesn’t  go the way it should, it will always be just the way it goes without further explanations. You control only fractions of what you can do. It doesn’t have to change us, just because we don’t get the things we want, or the way we want time to work for us.

But what about when you feel that time stops? What is actually happening to us? We feel… and so time passes unobserved, like a ghost.  The majority of your life you will be too busy running after it, or it running after you (depends on the case), and not thinking about it. This generation for sure grabbed time by its hand and drags it the other way around, but then… as they don’t stop to think about it, time turns against them, and so… against all of us.

You might be thinking time is natural, time is born out of need to quantify human actions, universe movements, but I say time is owned by us. We pay every second of it, with our lives. What we choose to do when having this trip is what actually matters to your time. We all have our time. Your heart is a reminder of the time that passes through you, near you, in you. She beats seconds, minutes, hours, days, years, a century…

After Sleeping Hermaphrodite, Roman statue, 2d century AD. Louvre, Paris

Sit and think about it. Right now as you read this… seconds just passed.  I made you think about time. How does it feel?  (Write a comment below if you think something different, I’d like to know)

  1. That time is above all else.
  2. Time means money (wrong answer btw, it’s the other way around)
  3. Time is growing old?
  4. Time is an enemy?
  5. Etc.

Is there someone who tries to fight time? I am, you are.  As we hold on to our lives and enjoy the seconds, minutes, hours… from time to time, stop! Stop and think about it.  Have some faith in that time, it’s yours.

Faith has always found its way in our hearts, such as daylight follows after dark.

“Love? One day might be above all else”  Key word: one day…

~ de Aleeda pe iunie 16, 2016.

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