Rainy days…

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Walking on the cobbled stones in what was once ancient Rome thinking about the rain… I see people in a hurry passing near me, I have no umbrella… Partly because I forget it almost every time, partly because I don’t mind some rain from time to time. My curls start to join… and my eye-glasses are giving me blurry vision so I take them off.

People are carefully watching their steps on the cobbled stones… I raise my eyes towards the sky and the raindrops, feeling them cold as soon as they run down my face… people start running, while I’m leaving the Colosseum in the back… heading towards the Roman Forum. I cross Via dei Fori Imperiali and I stop and stare at the ruins as they turn darker…rain changes color of so many things. Even me… the colors of my clothes go darker as I stare down at how the shirt sticks to my chest…I hear laughs and I turn my head to see young girls passing near, their clothes are all too tight anyway in a daily base, but now they look almost naked, with all their body shapes evidenced by the water that goes through the textile. I hear heavier steps and I see 2 guys around 40 starring at them, as they were giggling cute and stupid in the same time.

I turn back to my image of raindrops and ruins wishing for the first time in my life, I could paint such as I see this image. Mneah, I’m might be artsy pants sometimes… but certainly not that good, there are things I can’t take out of my brain. Suddenly i realized I’m gonna draw something as soon as I get home. Still starring… I always loved the way drops leave a line on their way down…blurring all the way the image in front of you. My hair was completely wet by the time I heard high-heels and I turned again to see the wonder… indeed she was a beauty. She had an umbrella, a short dress.. but decent…and a hot white shirt that was completely soaking wet on her skin, she was the business-like type of a woman. Besides her was a happy smiley guy that was looking in her eyes, with a fraction of a second a bit more down…

I raised my eyebrows wondering if that was the reason why he was so happy, because she was wet and you could just see through the clothes the shape of everything. He had some sort of a madness in his eyes… Looking around them there were other people, some just nearly running, some just going on a normal pace, when suddenly rain starts with a heavy quantity of water, her umbrella turns and wind starts playing jokes like he wanted to get rid of umbrellas. She blokes confused, and for a moment I though she is gonna get mad and instead of this she took her shoes of, a nice elegant pair of high-heels, while the guy was holding the turned-back umbrella trying to fix it. His eyes were sparkling like magic when she starts dancing, and make him throw away the umbrella to join… they started kissing in the middle of the road while people that were running turned their head to blink numb at their moment. She then starts so jump on her feet, because of the cold water no doubt and he grabs her in his arms. Lovely scene in the middle of the road…heavy rain, they did not even blink while the whole scene was turning into a apocalypse rain. My clothes started to feel really heavy when suddenly I turn my head back for a moment to watch the forum…again. The light changed completely into a dark one, and I realized near me was another girl watching the young couple having their wildly-fun break free moment. When she notices I was watching her, she turned her gaze towards me… I was just sitting there like she was, pretending not to look at them thinking that if we were in a couple of hundreds of years back they might’ve started having sex in plein-air…

She smiles, I smile back and it was like a whole conversation with the eyes about „love does that to you” that we had for a few seconds. We stare back at them, and they started moving slowly… and romantic in the landscape. When I looked at the girl near me, she became sad, she blinked like a child, and erased her cheeks and some thoughts darkened my face too, about the fact that she was probably crying when she saw them, and because of the rain… this aspect was not visible. And that thing which just happened, made her sad and happy in the same time if that is possible.

I moved away… gazing one more time to the Forum, thinking I am more heavy than I was before.

Everyone had their own time for craziness, love and sadness. This whole life is made by all these with more or less participation from one of them, but never… absolutely never doubt that fact that life gives you rain to wash you away… either from sadness, either to wake-the-hell-up and start moving. As some famous quotes say, „its not about waiting for the storm to pass, its about dancing in the rain”. These guys done it, and I can bet it felt good. Proof that some people love feeling the rain not just passing by and getting wet.

Open your eyes when it rains, you can still see things around you.

~ de Aleeda pe februarie 7, 2015.

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