Rome wasn’t built in a day

Neither are thoughts. So I came to the conclusion that sometimes we are so busy running that we forget where we are heading to. I personally, seem to have a problem lately in thinking about home. After 2 yrs spent on the big map of Europe… home seems just like a piece of a puzzle. I am not sure I know what home is, or if home is where I decide to be.

We are a generation of scattered people through allover the world, not knowing what is going to happen, with a huge lack of stability, and a creepy situation of facing chaos daily. I wish i was born last century. only 100 yrs back… when people were calm, and certainly more peaceful.

I’m born in the century when the circle prepared to close. We are one fast killing society, we are destroying everything that others managed to safe, and even more, ourselves. We have to face it people, we are going down. Very few positive aspects about the society we live in. And do not sell me positivism and craps on a stick, those are far from what we should really see, those who wanna see butterflies when it’s just a fake image that covers in reality a dirty wall with a graffiti. I do appreciate art and archaeology more than anything in the world, and i do see lovely things in this life. and there are certainly at least a few things worth living for, but i was just meditating in the middle of the night, about how many people from the past… (historians, politicians, whatever person) saw their generation going towards the cliff and just watchin, and watching… and watching and… moving on.

By the way, in Rome it’s still rainy but coffee still has a lovely scent.

~ de Aleeda pe octombrie 2, 2015.

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