Country of all (Im)possibilities

A king is dead… and very few dared to blink. We reached a stage in which zombie apocalypse sounds like a joke compared with what is coming for us.

Can’t help on noticing that we reached a level in which all possibilities transformed into impossibilites over night.

A couple of years ago I left Romania, after a lovely summer filled with new friendships, great digging memories and new archaeological discoveries. I was looking forward to it, as it is what I love the most.

I lived weeks, months, years… in fighting to move forward through different languages, cultures, scientifical projects and different countries. Always packing… always having exams, always alert to get to the finish line with everyone else.  Dreaming big, building up plans and constantly fighting to develop myself towards better.

I remember how only a couple of years ago I had all things sorted out for myself. Thought about fighting against all systems, against all enemies and jumping all walls to reach all my goals. Or at least so I thought.

It took me a while to realize that what I though I can fight was actually an invisible enemy, and the walls were actually ruins with nothing waiting on the other side.


~ de Aleeda pe februarie 27, 2019.

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